adventurer's club
You know, it was bad enough that he had been sent to a summer camp for superheroes when he didn't have a single power to speak of. But add insult to injury when he's one of the pudgier kids, one of the least athletic, and one of the youngest. And then to top it all off, he didn't know a single solitary soul there. His sister had opted to stay home and he wasn't entirely sure why she had been given the option. Because being at a summer camp where he didn't belong versus staying home and enjoying the summer with his friends would have been his preference. Instead, he was forced to entertain himself and do his best to avoid any activities that involved running.

Interestingly enough, though, he woke up one day with some strange golden cuffs on his wrists. He could freely take them off and put them back on, but he didn't know where they'd come from. None of the other boys in his cabin had any idea where they had come from, either. Since then, he'd been trying to discover their uses. With them on, he discovered that he didn't have to breathe, eat or sleep. It felt a little weird not to be eating or sleeping when the rest of the kids did, so he took them off during mealtimes and at night. But eventually, that got boring and it was more interesting to go prowling around after dark. He liked to listen at the doors and windows of other cabins. Sometimes he gained valuable information, but most of the time he just got bored.

That was the problem, being utterly bored at camp. That seemed really unusual for a camp that housed a bunch of superpowered kids. There should be something interesting happening all the time. The problem was that the interesting things weren't happening to him, they were happening around him. Until the day he happened upon a girl who's sister had apparently turned into a baby mountain lion and made an escape. He tried to reassure her through her tears that they would find her and return her and she wouldn't have to do any explaining to her parents.

Roping one of the friendlier counselors into helping him, and also discovering shortly after the explanation of the problem that he was able to transform into any animal, he went the direction she had last been seen. He had no idea what he was doing. Tracking animals had never been a skillset he required or thought he would need. But Gideon seemed to be able to tap into some kind of animal instinct because after a couple of hours they were able to find her high in the branches of a pine tree, sneezing and giving away her location. Only she wasn't a little baby cat anymore. She was a girl. A naked girl.

He'd squinched his eyes shut after he realized what he was looking at, and once Gideon had thrown the girl his shirt, she'd climbed down and walked sullenly back to camp with them. It had been awkward, but Jax had tried to make conversation anyway. He was hoping to ease the tension, but his attempts were in vain. As soon as they reached the perimeter of the camp, she reverted into a baby cougar again and scampered off in another direction. When he saw a dodgeball game forming up, he chased after the cub again in favor of having to humiliate himself by getting tagged out in the first five seconds of the game.

He couldn't wait to tell his sister what she had missed out on and planned to pen a letter that would probably arrive long after he had already returned home. ...and then Gideon turned into a dinosaur and grabbed her off the roof by her head!